Whether you are a renter, homeowner or a housing developer, SEE is committed to helping you achieve the renewable energy solution that works best for you and your budget

  • Solar is now affordable.

    Solar panels are valuable, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose. SEE will work with you to ensure little or no upfront costs and a fixed monthly bill that meets 100% of your needs. If you can pay your light bill, you can go solar.

  • Solar is predictable.

    No more opening up a utility bill to find an unpleasant surprise. With SEE you get a fixed monthly bill. Energy costs keep going up every year. SEE gives you peace of mind each month, and when your system is paid off your energy is free!

  • Solar is dependable.

    Your solar energy system will be “as dependable as the sunrise”. We use the highest quality equipment and we guarantee their performance and maintenance for decades. When the power goes out, your SEE solar system will be there to back you up.

  • Solar is storm safe.

    Solar panels are tough. They can withstand the wind and rain of hurricanes and can actually make your roof more storm resistant. With SEE you’ll be fully insured. And when the regular power goes out, you’ll still have the electricity you need to stay safe and comfortable.